ISO 834-14:2019

ISO 834-14:2019 pdf free.Fire-resistance tests——Elements of building construction-Requirements for the testing and assessment of applied fire protection to solid steel bar.
5 Test equipment
5.1 General The furnace and test equipment shall conform to that specified in ISO 834-1.5.2 Furnace
The furnace shall be designed to accommodate the dimensions of the test specimens to be exposed to heating as specified in 92 and the installation of test specimens within the furnace as specified in Clause 7. 5.3 Loading equipment ‘l’he test specimens are unloaded. 6 Test conditions 6.1 General
A number of short and long steel bars, protected by the fire protection system, are heated in a furnace according to the protocol given in Iso 834-1. It is recommended that the tests be continued until the steel temperature reaches the maximum value commensurate with application of the data.
Where several test specimens are tested simultaneously, care shall be taken that each is adequately and similarly exposed to the specified test conditions. The procedures given in ISO 834-1 shall be followed in the performance of this test unless specific contrary instructions are given in this document. The testing of loaded and unloaded beams and/or columns in accordance with Iso 834-10 and ISO W4-1 1 providc the basis for the stirkahility correction at minimum and maximum protection thickness to be applied to the thermal data generated from the short steel bars.
The test sections shall be chosen to suit the scope of the assessment.6.2 Support conditions
Unloaded steel bars shall be supported horizontally or vertically within the furnace such that they are allowed to expand unrestrained. When the test specimens are supported vertically, the results are only applicable to members used in the vertical orientation. When specimens are tested in the horizontal plane, the results apply to members in any orientation. 6.3 Number of test specimens
‘lhere will be 9 bars with dimensions to suit the scope of the assessment. The principle of selecting the specimens shall be based on the details presented in 7. 6.4 Size of test specimens The steel bars shall have a minimum exposed length of 1 000 mm. 6.5 Construction of steel test specimens 6.5.1 Protected steel bars Where specimens are tested in the horizontal position they shall be supported on plinths on the floor, or suspended horizontally from the furnace roof. NOTE Figures A.1 and Al illustrate how the specimens are suspended from the furnace roof.Where specimens are supported horizontally, they shall be perpendicular to the roof within ±10 % of the horizontal plane.
To minimize heat transfer to the ends of the steel bar, the support attachments shall be insulated, which at elevated temperatures, is capable of providing equivalent or greater insulation performance than that of the protection material provided over the length of the bar. Where specimens are tested in the vertical plane, they shall be supported on plinths on the furnace floor. 6.5.2 Application of the fire protection material The surface of the steel shall be prepared and the fire protection system shall be applied to the bars in a manner representative of practice and shall he substantially similar to that used in preparing test specimens in accordance with ISO 834-10. 6.6 Composition of test specimen component materials 6.6.1 Steel specification The grade of steel used shall be any plain carbon hot finished or heat treated structural grade used in building construction with a minimum elongation of 20 % at ambient temperature. It shall not be cold worked. The actual size of the steel bars shall be measured.ISO 834-14 pdf download.

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