ISO 3452-2:2013

ISO 3452-2:2013 pdf free.Non-destructive testing一Penetrant testing一Part 2: Testing of penetrant materials.
5 Testing of penetrant materials
5.1 Personnel
Testing shall be carried out by proficient, suitably trained and qualified personnel and, where applicable, shall be supervised by competent personnel nominated by the employer or, by delegation of the employer, the inspection company in charge of testing. To demonstrate appropriate proficiency it is recommended that personnel be trained according to Iso 9712 or an equivalent formalized system.
Operating authorization for personnel shall be issued by the employer in accordance with a written procedure. Non-destructive Testing (NDT) operations, unless otherwise agreed, shall be authorized by a competent and qualified NDT supervisory individual (Level 3 or equivalent) approved by the employer.
5.2 Testing facilities
5.2.1 Type testing
Type testing shall be carried out on penetrant materials according to ISO 3452-1 with exceptions as defined in this part of ISO 3452 to ensure their conformance to the requirements of this part of ISO 3452.
Type testing shall be carried out by a laboratory accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 for type testing of penetrant materials.
5.2.2 Batch testing
Batch testing to the requirements of this part of ISO 3452 shall be carried out on each production batch according to ISO 3452-1 to ensure the batch has the same properties as the corresponding type approval sample. In the case of penetrant material packed in spray cans, the content of sulfur and halogens shall be additionally determined according to 6.12.
Batch testing shall be carried out under a defined and maintained quality system. A system meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 is considered suitable.
5.2.3 Process and control testing
Process and control tests to monitor the implementation of the method are described in
Iso 3452-1:2013, Annex B.
5.3 Reporting
5.3.1 Type testing
The testing laboratory (see 5.2.1) shall provide a certificate of compliance with this part of ISO 3452 and a report that details the results obtained.
If any changes are made to the penetrant material composition, then a new type test and product identity shall be required.
5.3.2 Batch testing
Manufacturers of penetrant materials shall provide certificates of compliance with this part of ISO 3452 [for example, see EN 10204 or ISO 10474).
5.4.4 Batch tests for spray cans
Batch testing shall be carried out in accordance with the product performance test given in 6.18.
The first and last containers and a container from the middle of the batch shall be tested. Where testing
for content of sulfur and halogens in accordance with 6.12, only the first container need be tested.
6 Test methods and requirements
6.1 Appearance
The appearance of the sample shall be the same as that of the type test sample.
6.2 Penetrant system sensitivity
6.2.1 Fluorescent penetrants (Type I) Qualification provisions Penetrants (Type I)
Method A (water washable) penetrants and Methods B and D (post-emulsifiable) penetrants/emulsifiers shall be qualified with the appropriate reference dry developer D-1. Method C penetrants shall be qualified either on the basis of their performance as Method A, B, or D materials, or, alternatively, with the appropriate reference remover R-1 and reference dry developer D-1 (see Table 5). Developers
All developers, except Form f (specific application), intended for use with Type I (fluorescent) penetrant materials, shall be qualified with the reference level 4, Method B penetrant/emulsifier system FP-4PE/FE-B (see Table 6). Form f developers shall be qualified in accordance with
A reference sample of each product shall be retained for comparison purposes and designated in accordance with Tables 5 and . The manufacturer, manufacturer’s reference and the batch number shall be recorded.
NOTE A list of reference products is available from qualified laboratories (e.g. MPA-Hannover, Germany). Solvent removers
Classes 1 and 2 solvent removers shall be qualified with reference penetrant FP-4PE and reference developer D-1. Class 3 solvent remover shall be qualified in accordance with Specific application — Developer/removers
Form fdeveiopers and Class 3 removers shall be quail lied with materials as specified by the manufacturer and approval shall be specific to those materials.ISO 3452-2 pdf download.

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