ISO 3297:2017

ISO 3297:2017 pdf free.Information and documentation – International standard serial number (ISSN).
5 Assignment of ISSN
4.1 An ISSN shall be assigned only by a centre of the ISSN Network.
4.2 Required metadata about the continuing resource to which an ISSN is assigned shall be collected and submitted within the timeframe established by the ISSN International Centre to the ISSN Register by the centre of the ISSN Network that registered the continuing resource. See Annex B for further details.
4.3 Each distinct continuing resource in a particular medium as defined in the ISSN Manual shall be assigned only one ISSN.
4.4 Each ISSN shall be permanently linked to the key title established by the ISSN Network at the time of registration.
4.5 When a continuing resource is published in different media, with the same title or not, different ISSN and key titles shall be assigned to the different editions.
4.6 In cases where the continuing resource undergoes a major change in title or other major change as defined in the ISSN Manual, a new ISSN shall be assigned and a corresponding new key title shall be established.
4.7 Once an ISSN has been assigned to a continuing resource, it shall not be altered, replaced or reused for another publication.
4.8 The assignment of an ISSN to a continuing resource shall not imply any meaning or legal evidence with regard to the ownership of rights to that publication or its contents.
6 Establishment of the key title
The key title is established or authenticated by the ISSN centre responsible for the registration of the continuing resource, in accordance with the rules given in the !SSN Manual.
The key title is derived from information appearing at the time of registration on the title page of resources having a title page or title page equivalent, or from the most complete information formally presented on resources lacking a title page. The title of the resource becomes the key title if this title is unique in the ISSN Register at the time of registration. If this title is not unique, the key title is the title of the resource, to which a qualifying term is added (such as name of issuing body, place and/or date of publication, edition statement or medium statement), in order to make the resulting key title unique.
All key titles are listed in the JSSN Register together with their ISSN. Key titles in non-roman alphabets shall be romanized according to ISO standards or, in the absence of ISO standards, national standards.
7 Linking ISSN (ISSN-L)
To enable the use of ISSN in cases where finding or linking to a continuing resource without regard to medium is desired, the ISSN Network shall designate a linking ISSN.
The linking ISSN shall be designated from among the ISSN assigned to the different media versions of a continuing resource. Further specifications regarding the linking ISSN are given in Annex C.
8 Printing and display of ISSN
8.1 General
The ISSN shall be presented as two groups of four digits separated by a hyphen and shall always be preceded by the prefix ISSN and a space (see also Clause 3).
The ISSN shall be displayed in a prominent position on or in the first issue and on or in each subsequent issue of serials; or on or in each iteration of ongoing integrating resources.
If a resource bears an ISSN as well as another standard number, such as an ISBN for a volume of a series, the two numbers shall appear together and each number shall be identified by its own prefix: “ISSN” and “ISBN” or another appropriate prefix.ISO 3297 pdf download.

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