ISO 3008-1:2019

ISO 3008-1:2019 pdf free.Fire resistance tests – Door and shutter assemblies -General requirements.
4 Test equipment
4.1 The test equipment shall be as specified in Iso 834-1. The furnace used shall be related to the orientation of the test specimen. For vertical specimens, the wall testing furnace is suitable, for horizontal specimens, the floor furnace is applicable.
4.2 Measurement of heat flux from the unexposed surface of specimens shall be made as described in
4.3 Where it is not possible to apply disc thermocouples as specified in ISO 834-1 to the unexposed surface of the test specimen, due to the size or shape of the specimen, or when the dimension of the element to be measured is less than 12 mm, such as when testing air transfer grilles, an alternate thermocouple and pad may be used. Instead of copper discs, twisted thermocouple wire may be used. The wire leads of the thermocouple are to have an immersion under the pad and be in contact with the unexposed surface for not less than 25 mm. The hot junction of the thermocouple is to be placed approximately under the centre of the pad. The pad is permitted to be deformed in order to be held firmly against the surface of the element being measured and is to fit closely about the thermocouple. When the blade of the air transfer grille or other parts of the test specimen is less than the specified pad size, reduce the pad to match the element being measured. The pad length shall be as specified and parallel to the test specimen length. If the modified thermocouple pad cannot be placed on the contour of the surface, then no thermocouple is required at that location. The wires for the thermocouple in the length covered by the pad shall not be heavier than 0,82 mm2 and are to be electrically insulated with heat-resistant and moisture-resistant coatings.
5 Test conditions
Test conditions require the application of the heating and pressure conditions of the standard test as
defined in Iso 834-1.
6 Test specimen
6.1 Size of specimen
The test specimen and all its components shall be full size. When this is restricted by the size of the opening of the furnace (which is normally 3 m x 3 m), the door or shutter assembly or the self-closing openable window shall be tested at the maximum size possible and the fire resistance of the full sized assembly shall be derived by an extended application analysis. However, the minimum dimensions of supporting construction shall not be less than that prescribed in 7.3.1.
6.2 Number of specimens
The number of test specimens shall be selected as described in Iso 834-1. If testing is carried out from one side only, it shall be stated in the test report whether this is due to the symmetrical nature of the door or because it is required to resist fire from one side only.
65 Verification
6.5.1 The sponsor shall provide a specification to a level of detail sufficient to allow the laboratory to conduct a detailed examination of the specimen before the test and to agree on the accuracy of the information supplied. Iso 834-1 provides detailed guidance on verification of the test specimen.
6.5.2 When the method of construction precludes a detailed survey of the specimen without having to permanently damage it, or if it is considered that it will subsequently be impossible to evaluate construction details from a post-test examination, then one of two options shall be exercised by the laboratory:
— either the laboratory shall oversee the manufacture of the door or shutter assembly(ies) subjected to the test, or
— the sponsor shall, at the discretion of the laboratory, be requested to supply an additional assembly or that part of the assembly that cannot be verified (e.g. a door leaf) in addition to the number required for the testing. The laboratory shall then choose freely which of these shall be subjected to the testing and which shall be used to verify the construction.ISO 3008-1 pdf download.

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