ISO 24527:2020

ISO 24527:2020 pdf free.Service activities relating to drinking water supply, wastewater and stormwater systems – Guidelines on alternative drinking water service provision during a crisis.
whole set of organization, processes, activities, means and resources necessary for abstracting,
treating, distributing or supplying drinking water (3.4) and for providing the associated services
Note 1 to entry: Some key features for a drinking water utility are:  its mission, to provide drinking water services; its physical area of responsibility and the population within this area; its responsible body (3.11);the general organization with the function of operator being carried out by the responsible body, or by legally distinct operator(S); the type of physical systems used to provide the services, with various degrees of centralization. Note 2 to entry: The term “drinking water utility”addresses a utility dealing only with drinking water. Note 3 to entry: When it is not necessary or it is difficult to make a distinction between responsible body and operator, the term“drinking water utility”covers both. Note 4 to entry: In common English,“drinking water service” can be used as a synonym for“drinking water utility”, but this document does not recommend using the term in this coordinated activities to direct and control a drinking water utility (3.7)
Note 1 to entry: Management can include establishing policies and objectives, and processes to achieve these objectives. Note 2 to entry: The word “management” sometimes refers to people, i.e. a person or group of people with authority and responsibility for the conduct and control of a service. When “management” is used in this sense, it should always be used with some form of qualifier to avoid confusion with the concept“management” as a set of activities defined above. For example, “management should..” is deprecated whereas“crisis management team shoul…” is acceptable. Otherwise, different words should be adopted to convey the concept when related to people, for example managerial or managers. Note 3 to entry: The term “management”can be qualified by a specific domain it addresses. Examples include public health management, environmental management and risk management.relevant authority organization with appropriate statutory powers of control EXAMPLE National, regional or local governments, public agencies, regulators. Note 1 to entry: Relevant authority is a category of stakeholder (3.13). Note 2 to entry: For a given drinking water utility (3.Z) there can be several relevant authorities, which have jurisdiction in different domains. responsible body body that has the overall legal responsibility for providing drinking water (3.4), wastewater or stormwater services for a given geographic area EXAMPLE A local or municipal government (e.g. for a village, town or city), a regional government, a national or federal government through a specified agency or a private company. Note 1 to entry: Responsible body is a category of stakeholder (3.13). Note 2 to entry: The responsible body can be legally distinct, or not, from the operator(s). The responsible body can be public or private. Note 3 to entry: The responsible body acts within a framework of law and governance established by the relevant authorities. It generally establishes the strategy, the specific policies adapted to the characteristics of its area of
responsibility and the general organization of the relevant water utility. . Note 4 to entry: The responsible body can operate the water utility directly with its own means through an internal operator [direct or internal management (3.9) or“in house”] or entrust one or several operators for the operations (” outsourced” or contracted management].service area local geographic area where an organization has the legal or contractual responsibility to provide a service Note 1 to entry: The service area can be established, for example, by political boundaries (e.g. citywide utility), legislative action (e.g. formation of a utility district) or interjurisdictional agreements (e.g. intercity agreements
to provide wastewater services). ISO 24527 pdf download.

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