ISO 21631:2020

ISO 21631:2020 pdf free.Essential oil of clementine [ Citrus clementina hort. ex Tanaka syn. Citrus reticulata Blanco x Citrus sinensis(L.) Osbeck), Spanish type.
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
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3.1 essential oil of clementine, Spanish type essential oil obtained by cold press expression of the peel of sound and mature fruits of clementine (Citrus clementina hort. ex Tanaka syn. Citrus reticulata Blanco x Citrus sinensis (L) Osbeck), principally produced in Spain Note 1 to entry: For information on CAS number, see ISO/TR 21092.Carry out the analysis of the essential oil by gas chromatography. Determine the chromatographic profile in accordance with the ISO 11024 series. Identify in the chromatogram obtained the representative and characteristic components shown in Table 2. The proportions of these components, indicated by the integrator, shall be as shown in Table 2. This constitutes the chromatographic profile of the essential oil.5 Flash point Information on the flash point is given in Annex B. 6 Sampling Sampling shall be performed in accordance with ISO 212. The minimum test sample volume is 50 ml. NOTE This volume allows each of the tests specified in this document to be carried out at least once. 7 Packaging labelling, marking and storage
Packaging of the labelling, marking and storage shall be in accordance with ISO/TS 210 and ISO/TS 211.B.1 General information For safety reasons, transport companies, insurance companies and people in charge of safety services require information on the flash points of essential oils, which in most cases are flammable products. A comparative study on the relevant methods of analysis (see ISO/TR 11018) concluded that it was difficult to recommend a single apparatus for standardization purposes, given the following: — There is a wide variation in the chemical composition of essential oils. — The volume of the sample needed in certain requirements would be too costly for high-priced essential oils. — As there are several different types of equipment which can be used for the determination, users cannot be expected to use one specified type only. Consequently, it was decided to give a mean value for the flashpoint annexed to each document, for information, in order to meet the requirements of the interested parties. The equipment with which this value was obtained has to be specified. For further information see ISO/TR 11018. B.2 Flashpoint of the essential oil of clementine The mean value is +50 °C. NOTE Obtained with Pensky-Martens equipment.ISO 21631 pdf download.

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