ISO 20929:2018

ISO 20929:2018 pdf free.Tools for pressing一Heel guidings in large stamping and forming dies.
2 Normative references
There are no normative reference in this document.
3 Terms and definitions
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4 Example applications
If very large lateral forces are generated in the dies, it is advisable to provide a guide plate instead of heel guidings. Heel guidings are ideal for securing upper and lower dies during transportation and thereby preventing accidents.
5 Dimensions
Due to diverse die requirements, a wide variety of heel guidings are needed, ranging from narrow or wide to short or long. Length is particularly important, so a wide range of longitudinal dimensions shall be available. If the die plane is oblique, care shall be taken to ensure that the heel guiding engages with precision, especially in the case of single heel guidings.
The dimensions of heel guiding shall be in accordance with the indication of Table 1 and Figure 2. The dimensions for heel guidings mounting shall be in accordance with the indications of Figure 1.
Key 1 guiding groove in upper die 2 guiding groove in lower die 3 wear surface with solid lubricant
4 hexagonal socket head cap screw according to ISO 4762 a Rounded.Key 1 wear surface with solid lubricant a Tapped holes shall be used for transporting masses of 15 kg and above.
6 Material
1) Steel heel guidings: — Material: C45E as defined in EN 10083-2 with solid lubricant inserts.
— Surface-hardened with a depth of 1 mm, 58 HRC. — The surface of the solid lubricant insert shall be between 20% to 25% of the total wear surrace.
2) Self-lubricating bronze heel guidings with solid lubricant inserts: — Material: self-lubricating bronze defined in EN 1982. — The surface of the solid lubricant insert shall be between 20 % to 25 % of the total wear surface.
7 Designation
A heel guiding in accordance with this document shall be designated by: — heel guiding;
— a reference to this document (i.e. ISO 20929); — the width of the heel guiding, in millimetres;
— the thickness of the heel guiding, in millimetres; — the length of the heel guiding, in millimetres.
EXAMPLE A heel guiding with a width w = 140 mm, a thickness b = 45 mm and a length L1 = 315 mm is designated as follows: Heel guiding Iso 20929 – 140x45x315. ISO 20929 pdf download.

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