ISO 19967-1:2019

ISO 19967-1:2019 pdf free.Heat pump water heaters – Testing and rating for performance一Heat pump water heater for hot water supply.
5 Installation requirements
5.1 Test apparatus and uncertainties of measurement
The test apparatus shall be designed in such a way that all requirements for adjustment of set values, stability criteria and uncertainties of measurement according to this document can be fulfilled.
Water systems or other heat transfer liquid systems shall be sufficiently free of entrained gas as to ensure that the measured results are not significantly influenced.
The inlet and outlet temperatures of the hot water supply are measured in the centre of the flow and as close as possible to the appliance. The response time of the temperature sensor and the sampling interval shall be chosen to maintain the uncertainties in Table 1. Ducted air systems shall be sufficiently airtight to ensure that the measured results are not significantly influenced by exchange of air with the surroundings.
For inverter type control units, the setting of the frequency shall be done for each rating condition. The manufacturer shall provide in the documentation information instructions on obtaining the necessary data to set the required frequencies. If skilled personnel with knowledge of control software are required for the start of the system, the manufacturer or the nominated agent should be in attendance when the system is being installed and prepared for tests.
The uncertainties of measurement shall not exceed the values specified in Table 1.
5.2 Test room for the outdoor heat exchanger of air source heat pump water heaters
The size of the test room shall be selected to avoid any resistance to air flow at the air inlet and air
outlet orifices of the test object. The air flow through the room shall not be capable of initiating any short circuit between the two orifices, and therefore the velocity of air flow at these two locations shall not exceed 1,5 rn/s when the test object is switched off.
Unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer, the air inlet and air outlet orifices shall not be less than 1 m from the surfaces of the test room; this also applies to any measuring ducts.
Any direct heat radiation (e.g. solar radiation) onto heating units in the test room onto the heat pump water heater or onto the temperature measuring points shall be avoided.
5.3 Installation and connection of the heat pump water heaters
The heat pump water heater shall be installed and connected for the test as recommended by the manufacturer’s installation and operation manual. The accessories provided by option (for example heating element) are not included in the test. Temperature and pressure measuring points shall be arranged in order to obtain representative mean values.
5.4 Installation of heat pump water heater consisting of several parts
In the case of heat pump water heaters consisting of several refrigeration parts (split heat pump water heater) the following installation conditions shall be complied with for the tests:
a) each refrigerant line shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions; the length of each line shall be between 5 rn and 7,5 m;
b) the lines shall be installed so that the difference in elevation does not exceed 2,5 rn;
c) thermal insulation shall be applied to the lines in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions;
d) unless constrained by the design, at least half of the interconnecting lines shall be exposed to the outdoor conditions with the rest of the lines exposed to the indoor conditions.ISO 19967-1 pdf download.

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