ISO 10979:2019

ISO 10979:2019 pdf free.Identification of fuel assemb lies for nuc ear power reactors.
4 Basic requirements for identification systems
4.1 Identification code
Each fuel assembly shall carry a unique code consisting of between 6 and 8 alphanumeric characters.
NOTE The alphanumeric characters are the Arabic numerals 0 to 9 and the letters of the English alphabet from A to Z.
The letters B, F, I, 0, Q and Z shall not be used.
The rightmost character of the identification code shall be used as a test character.
4.2 Allocation of the identification code
The identification code shall be assigned to the individual fuel assembly without repetition i.e. previously allocated identification codes shall not be re-used. Therefore, the identification code shall be allocated by agreement with the authority or institution responsible for an identification system.
4.3 Determining the test character
The test character is intended to prevent reading errors. It is determined by the preceding characters of the identification code using the rules in Table 1.
The preceding characters of the identification code shall be padded to seven characters with leading zeros.
The value associated with the first character of this value is multiplied by 17, that associated with the second character by 13, that associated with the third character by 11, that associated with the fourth by 7, that associated with the fifth by 5, that associated with the sixth by 3 and that associated with the seventh by 2; these products are then added. The test character value is the difference between the next greater multiple of 30 and this sum. The test character is the character associated with this value in Table 1. If the difference amounts to 30, the test character is zero.
4.4 Additional marking
At the discretion of the fabricator or operator, additional marking may be added to the fuel assembly.
This marking should be in a separate area but where this is not considered possible or desirable, then
the additional marking shall be separated from the unique identification code by a“*” or“/”. Confusion
shall not be possible. Any additional mark shall consist of less digits than the unique identification code.
5 Style of characters and application of identification mark
5.1 Style of characters The characters used for the identification marking on fuel assemblies shall be Arabic numerals and capital letters in, or similar to, the vertical Standard lettering for use in drawings conforming to ISO 3098-1.
5.2 Arrangement of identification code on fuel assembly The characters of an identification code shall be arranged in horizontal order from left to right, in vertical order from top downwards, or clockwise (reading from the inside outwards) in the sequence specified.
5.3 Location and application of identification code on fuel assembly The identification code shall be applied to an essential component of the fuel assembly in such a manner that it can be very easily read. If elements of the identification code are identical for a group of fuel assemblies or if, for other reasons, they do not necessarily have to be identifiable on the fuel assembly (e.g. a code for the identification of the reactor), the code need not be so conspicuous.
5.4 Size of characters comprising identification code The characters of the identification code, including the test character, shall all be of the same size.
5.5 Method of application of identification code to fuel assembly The identification code shall be applied so that it does not affect the performance and integrity of the fuel assemblies and shall remain readable and indelible during its use in the reactor core.ISO 10979 pdf download.

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