ISO 1083:2018

ISO 1083:2018 pdf free.Spheroidal graphite cast irons – Classification.
5 Order information
The following information shall be supplied by the purchaser:
a) the complete designation of the material;
b) any special requirements (including the relevant wail thickness, where necessary) that shall be agreed upon between the manufacturer and the purchaser by the time of acceptance of the order;
c) the number of this document, i.e. Iso 1083.
6 Manufacture
The method of producing spheroidal graphite cast irons and their chemical composition shall be left to the discretion of the manufacturer who shall ensure that the requirements of this document are met for the material grade specified in the order.
For ferritic to pearlitic cast iron grades, the level of the mechanical properties is determined by the ferrite to pearlite ratio. The ferrite to pearlite ratio is normally adjusted by alloying or, less commonly, by heat treatment.
For solid-solution strengthened cast iron grades, the level of the mechanical properties is determined by the extent of solid solution strengthening of the ferritic matrix. Solid-solution strengthening is normally governed by the silicon content.
For spheroidal graphite cast irons to be used in special applications, the chemical composition and heat treatment may be the subject of an agreement between the manufacturer and the purchaser.
All agreements between the manufacturer and the purchaser shall be made by the time of the acceptance of the order.
7 Requirements
7.1 General
The property values apply to spheroidal graphite cast irons cast in sand moulds or moulds of comparable thermal behaviour. Subject to amendments to be agreed upon in the order, they can apply to castings obtained by alternative methods.
The material designation is based on the minimum mechanical properties obtained in cast samples with a thickness or diameter of 25 mm. The designation is irrespective of the type of cast sample.
Mechanical properties are wall thickness dependant as shown in Tables 1,2 and 3..
For relevant wall thicknesses greater than 200 mm, the manufacturer and the purchaser shall agree on the minimum mechanical properties, the type and size of the cast sample, and microstructure requirements.
NOTE Tensile testing requires sound test pieces in order to guarantee pure uni-axial stress during the test.
7.2 Ferritic to pearlitic spheroidal graphite cast irons
7.2.1 Test pieces machined from cast samples Tensile properties
The mechanical properties of ferritic to pearlitic spheroidal graphite cast iron test pieces shall be as specified in Table 1. Impact energy
The impact energy values given in Table 2 for room temperature (RT) and low temperature (LT)
applications, if applicable, shall only be determined if specified by the purchaser by the time of
acceptance of the order. The mean value of the three Charpy impact tests and the individual values shall meet the specified requirements in Table 2.
NOTE The relevance of the use of impact energy as a measure of resistance to brittle fracture in castings, subjected to application loads, is currently being reassessed. Annex C gives information about a fracture mechanical approach to spheroidal graphite cast irons.
7.2.2 Test pieces machined from samples cut from a casting
If applicable, the manufacturer and the purchaser shall agree on the following:
— the locations on a casting where the samples shall be taken;
— the mechanical properties that shall be measured;
— the minimum values or allowable range of values, for these mechanical properties (for information, see Annex D).
NOTE 1 The properties of castings are often not uniform, because casting properties depend on the complexity of the casting and variation in section thickness.ISO 1083 pdf download.

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